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Email Newsletter. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Ghetto Dogs by Steve Romagnoli. Email Address. An engaging and memorable social novel that involves dogfighting. Email address:. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. However, I was lucky because a Volksdeutscher told them I was a good worker. So I was allowed to go back to the shop, and someone else was put in my place. A friend told me that he saw one of my sisters working at Shultz's shop.

I wanted to see her, but I was 3 kilometers away and I did not know how to get there.

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A Jewish policeman told me that he could get a German soldier to go with me and bring me back. It would cost zlotys, which was a lot of money, but I said OK. The soldier put me in handcuffs, and he walked behind me with a rifle like I was his prisoner. When I got to Shultz's shop, I could not find my sister. Then I found that I was stuck there. I could not go back because the ghetto had been surrounded by German soldiers.

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The next morning was April 19, , which was the day the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began. On May 1, , I was shot in the right ankle. The bullet went through the meat and not the bone, so I did not lose my leg. I was taken to the Umschlagplatz. The Treblinka extermination camp could only take 10, people a day. In our group we were 20, They cut off half of our train and sent it to Majdanek concentration camp.

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Majdanek was another death camp. At Majdanek they took our clothes and gave us striped shirts, pants and wooden shoes. I was sent to Barracks As I lay in my bed, an older man asked me how I was. He said, "I can help you. He took a little pocket knife and operated on me. To this day I do not understand how he could have kept a knife in the camp.

There were no medicines or bandages. He said, "I have no medication, you have to help yourself. When you urinate use some of the urine as an antiseptic on your wound.

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I had to hold myself up straight without limping and walk out of the gate of the camp. I was scared.

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If I limped, they would take me out of line. At Majdanek they hung you for any little thing. I did not know how I would make it. God must have helped me and, I was lucky. We stood at the appell in our wooden shoes. Then when we got out of the gate we had to take off our wooden shoes and tie them over our shoulders with a piece of string. We had to walk to work barefoot. There were little stones on the road that cut into your skin and blood was running from the feet of many people.

The work was dirty field work. After a few days some people could not take it anymore, and they fell down in the road. If they could not get up, they were shot where they lay. After work we had to carry the bodies back. If 1, went out to work, a 1, had to come back.

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One day as we were standing at appell, a man in the back of the line smoked a cigarette. Heavy smokers would find a piece of paper and light it just to feel like they were smoking something. A German, the Lagerfuhrer , came up riding a tall, black horse.

The horse had a white patch on his head and its legs were white too. It was a beautiful horse. The Lagerfuhrer held a whip in his hand. This man was a monster. It was late in the day and the sun was going down. He saw the smoke from the cigarette. The Lagerfurhrer looked down at us and demanded to know who had smoked a cigarette.

No one answered.

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We looked from one to the other, but no one answered. The Lagerfurhrer did not wait 3 minutes; he did not wait 2 minutes. He took his whip and he cut off 2 rows of 5 prisoners. I was in the group of He asked, "Who wants to go up first on the bench? I was in the first three to go up on the bench. I climbed up and put the rope around my neck. He started beating us. He beat me so much the blood was running down my head. Before this happened, a soldier had come to Majdanek for the purpose of selecting three groups of people to take to another camp.

I had been selected to be in the second group of This soldier had been in Lublin at the main office processing our papers. While I was standing on the bench, the soldier came back to the gallows area. When he saw what was happening, he started hollering, "Halt, Halt! What is happening here? They won't say which one, so I am going to hang 10 dogs.

I have to bring them alive. All it would have taken was a few seconds more and I would have been dead. He just had to kick out the bench. The soldier beat us until we jumped down from the bench and got back into the line. The soldier took us to the railroad tracks, he put us on a train and the next morning we left Majdanek. I had been there 9 weeks. We were on this train for two nights and a day with no food or water.

In my 9 weeks at Majdanek I had not changed my shirt or washed myself.

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  4. We were eaten up with lice, and many of us were swollen from hunger. When we got off the train, we saw that we had arrived at Auschwitz.