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Day Two - The students will come in with their visual organizers completed. Using the target language, we will work through any problems they had understanding the homework.


As we organize their thoughts on the organizer, we will revisit parts of the story that serve as critical for their understanding. This part of the lesson will include a discussion of the themes in the story. For homework, they will begin organizing and outlining their thoughts so that they can complete an in-class summary the next day. Day Three - As practice in writing, the students will use their class time to complete a summary essay that uses at least 15 story vocabulary words and also discusses the themes that can be found in the work.

Activities: Day One - The students will come in with the story read for homework and the past subjunctive quote sheet translated. We will briefly discuss plot and characters in the work. The students will then be broken into groups of depending on class size. Each group will be given a piece of the story.

Conversación avanzada (español y inglés): Leer y discutir un cuento o artículo

They will have time to discuss their segment in the target language and ask any questions they might have. They will then begin to plan their poster.

For homework, they will complete a comprehension exercise. Day Two - The students will come prepared to complete their poster and renarrate it that day. They will also hand in their homework. When they have finished, they will be responsible as a class for putting themselves in order based on the plot.

They will then narrate the story in their own words. The students are graded using the New Haven School District's oral rubric. Activities: Day 1 - Students will come in to class with the story read and the vocabulary defined.

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We will discuss any comprehension problems or vocabulary issues during this class period. Horacio Quiroga.

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Escucha el programa de caos interior dedicado a HOracio Quiroga. Topics: Horacio Quiroga, escritor uruguayo, escritor, letras, misiones, bosques, selva, poesias, Horacio Quiroga por uruguayos.

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La gallina degollada- Horacio Quiroga, cortometraje

Quiroga's "La gallina degollada," with a short overview of the author's life and works, appears on pp. The English translation I used above appears on pp. Finally, the comic book version of Quiroga's "La gallina degollada," with drawings by Alberto Breccia, an adaptation by Carlos Trillo, and an introduction by Ricardo Piglia, can be found on pp. Miguel St. Orberose 22 de julio de a las Richard 23 de julio de a las Richard 24 de julio de a las Agregar un comentario. Suscribirse a: Comentarios de la entrada Atom.

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La gallina degollada / The Decapitated Chicken – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

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