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Shawn M. Klimek Goodreads Author Contributor. Stephen Herczeg Goodreads Author Contributor. Burdett Goodreads Author Contributor. Matthew X. Gomez Goodreads Author ,. Robert Walton Goodreads Author. Rie Sheridan Rose Goodreads Author. Neil A. Hogan Goodreads Author ,. Olga Werby Goodreads Author. Gustavo Bondoni Goodreads Author. Matthew Gomez ,.

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Goli Goodreads Author. Cara Fox Goodreads Author. Upcoming Events. No scheduled events. Add an event. Adam is Currently Reading. Adam Furman is currently reading. The Last Council Amulet, 4.

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Adam Furman wants to read. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Horimiya, Volume 1. Yen Press. Horimiya, Volume 2. When a liberally pierced and tattooed Miyamura unexpectantly appears on the doorstep of secretly-plain homebody Hori, they discover there are multiple sides to every story Hicks, Faith Erin and Jordie Bellaire. The Nameless City. In a city that changes names when a nation conquers it, newcomer Kaidu learns essential skills from native Rat.

Hicks, Faith Erin and Yishan Li. Dark Horse. Higashimura, Akiko. Princess Jellyfish 1. The quiet life of an year-old otaku girl living with other geeky girls in a communal Tokyo apartment is turned upside down by a beautiful non-gender conforming fashionista. Houser, Jody and Marguerite Sauvage. Faith has just left her superhero team, broken up with her boyfriend and is on her own for the first time. Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 3. Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 6.

Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 7. Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 8. Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 9. Human-ghoul hybrid Ken Kaneki is caught in the midst of a rapidly escalating conflict between his two worlds. Jackson, Shirley and Miles Hyman. Townsfolk gather to draw a lottery to ensure a good and profitable year. Witness the student days of the iconic cast before they joined the Enterprise, and meet an all-new group of students as they embark on bold new adventures of their own.

Volume 2. Volume 3.

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The School-Living Club strives to hang out, have fun and live — at school — without getting killed by zombies. King, Tom and Gabriel Hernandez Walta. They share his grandest ambition — or is that obsession? Behold The Visions!

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Kusanagi, Mizuho. Yona of the Dawn, Volume 1.

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Spoiled Princess Yona's whole world falls apart when her father is murdered on the evening of her sixteenth birthday. Now she must fight to win back her kingdom with only her bodyguard Hak at her side. Larson, Hope and Rebecca Mock. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


Twins Cleo and Alex sail on pirate ships bound for San Francisco, chased by gang members determined to steal the compass and knife left to them by their missing father. Lemire, Jeff and Dustin Nguyen. Tim is caught in a galactic struggle while trying to find his human friend, Andy. You've heard this before: five kids find a body in the woods and don't know what to do; but, this time it is the city's greatest superheroine, Plutona!

Leth, Kate and Brittney Williams. Patsy Walker, A. Patsy Walker has managed to escape her past, her enemies and Hell itself literally — but nothing compares to job hunting in New York City! Leth, Kate and Matt Cummings. Power Up.

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In this "magical girl" style tale, an art school grad, a single mom, a construction worker, and a goldfish become unlikely heroes. Liu, Marjorie and Sana Takeda. Monstress, Volume 1. In an alternate matriarchal Asia, a teenage girl struggles to survive the trauma of war and shares a mysterious psychic link with a monster of tremendous power.

Loveness, Jeff and Brian Kesinger. I am Groot. Mignola, Mike and Troy Nixey. Twenty years since he fled the carnage of Gotham. But now Bruce Wayne has returned — and hell has followed.