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Orange brick maisonettes with square, open gardens, and more were being built on the streets on either side.

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Jimmy didn't have curtains in his flat, and as Lisa approached through the derelict patch of garden, Ruby looked up and caught her eye. Ruby was wearing a shirt with seven dwarfs all fucking each other on the front. Lisa sat and stared at it and wondered when it would get handed down to her. Everything Ruby had eventually got handed on to Lisa.

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Ruby was very generous with her things, while Lisa was a hoarder by nature and found it hard to part with almost anything. She had once kept a box of plain chocolates she had won at a raffle, and didn't like, on the top shelf of her cupboard for two years. Eventually they had been discovered and distributed to the family as an afterdinner treat. Lisa pretended to be angry but really she had been relieved. Marguerite and Ruby rarely saw each other and when they did, more often than not they argued.

Lisa acted as their go-between.

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It was since Ruby left home, Lisa thought. Or before: since their mother's marriage to Swan Henderson Lisa wasn't sure.

She could remember Ruby and her mother getting on, somewhere in the distant past, but hard as she tried she couldn't place the memory. Lisa had visited Ruby regularly in London while she waited for her sixteenth birthday. Ruby was so unspecific as to what exactly she was to keep quiet about that Lisa never knew how to answer. Now that Lisa was in London herself she understood why Ruby had come back to school for the Christmas Fair, only six months after leaving, talking and swearing like a native East Ender and wearing a T-shirt for a dress and heels so high she couldn't walk down the hill to the pub.

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There had been no shortage of lifts on offer. Cars Lisa had never seen before swung open their doors.

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  • Ruby was meant to be in London on a History of Art course. By the end of the first term she had already dropped out and was working in a shop that sold bondage trousers and plastic shorts and shirts with one sleeve longer than the other.


    People were whispering that Ruby was on drugs. That she was having an affair with a Sex Pistol.

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    That it was a sacrilege to cut off that beautiful waist-length hair. Lisa felt immeasurably proud. Lisa had a packet of ten John Player Special in her pocket. She smoked John Player because they had a 'scratch and reveal' lottery in every packet See All Customer Reviews.

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    Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Overview Sixteen-year-old Lisa has high hopes of imitating her older sister Ruby during her first years in London.

    Ruby stood up and began searching the floor. Get directions now. From Hammersmith Hospital, White City 57 min 7. From Hammersmith Hospital, White City 90 min 7. From Hammersmith Hospital, White City 66 min. From Hammersmith Hospital, White City 87 min. Bunhill Row G , Old Street is meters away, 4 min walk. Moovit is the world's 1 transport app. Change language.